Gustavo Adolfo DelgadoGustavo Adolfo Delgado (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Who I am

I introduce my self as an electroacoustic composer & sound engineer, but I really feel myself like an artist that uses technology to live between sonic ideas.

I would like to mention the main fields where my professional skills have been improved: electroacoustic music composition, sound programming, sound design, sound engineering, graphic scores, electroacoustic live performances, music production, computer music, multimedia concerts organization, music for video art, music for mobile phones, music for opening events, electronics & pop & jazz, music for theater and TV documentaries. 

I also love to teach because I believe in forming to the other people, drilling to them what I know and the passion of what I do.


About my formal musical education.

I’ve got a first certificate in 1999, in Music Technology at the National University of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. A couple of years later, in 2001, I’ve got my first degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition, always at the same university.

When I moved to Rome, turning back to Italy, the land of my great grandfather I’ve got a third degree in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia, in Rome, under tuition of composer Giorgio Nottoli. I also attend a one year course in 3D animation at Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini, but this is another story… J

People who formed me either in Argentina and Italy

  • Fernando von Reichenbach (Electroacoustic)
  • Francisco Kröpfl (composition and analysis)
  • Gabriel Colautti Berra (Analysis)
  • Gerald Bennett (Csound sound spatialization)
  • Giorgio Nottoli (composition, technical development, real time programming)
  • James Dashow (instrument and fixed media-audio composition)
  • Jorge Rapp (Mixing)
  • Juan Pampin (Common LISP Music)
  • Klaus Schöning (acoustic art)
  • Maria Teresa Luengo (composition)
  • Mario Mary (IRCAM tools)
  • Max Mathews (Radio Baton C programming)
  • Pablo Di Liscia (acousmatic & instrument and electronic music composition)
  • Piero Schiavoni (Sound engineering).
  • Riccardo Bianchini (CSound)
  • Stefano Petrarca (C programming)
  • Walter Güth (Mixing & mastering)


About prices and contests (Sorry I have to update it....)

Well, it is always nice to win a contest. I think this is not essential for becoming a real artist, but it is always very kind J

Some of my works have been selected as finalists or they have been awarded in the following contests:

  • First National Prize “I giovani ricordano la Shoah 2012” (AFAM category) - 2012, for the Italian CD “Le note della memoria”: la musica 'spezzata della Shoah” warded by the Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano. My job was the mixing.
  • First Price at the National Arts Contest 2010 (Electroacoustic Music Category) - Conservatory of Music Benevento - Italy;
  • Finalist at the International Contemporary Music Contest Città di Udine 2010-Italy;
  • Scolarship “Riccardo Bevilacqua” 2010 (Rome);
  • Finalist at the International Contemporary Music Contest Città di Udine 2004, Udine-Italy;
  • Scholarship and financial support by Antorchas Foundation (2003) for studies at the Conservatory of Music of Rome “Santa Cecilia” with Giorgio Nottoli and getting private lessons with James Dashow (Italy);
  • Financial support for a musical composition (Dialoghi 2 for viola and oboe and electronics) by Antorchas Foundation (2002);
  • First Prize of Composition/Contest Juan Carlos Paz 2001 by the Argentine Arts Council;
  • Third Prize and Finalist at the Forum-Contest of Electroacoustic Music ’98, ’99, ’01 by the Goethe Institute of Córdoba/Argentina;
  • Third Classificatory Position of the Contest/Exchange of Electroacoustic Music 2000 by GRM and LIPM (Paris/Buenos Aires);
  • First and Second Prize in the Sonoclip and Sound Object Contest ‘96, ‘97, ‘98” (LIPM, Argentina);
  • Finalist at the contest "Coca-Cola in the Arts and the Sciences 1992” (category Modern Music); 


What else ?

I'm professor of Electroacoustic Music Composition at Conservatory of Music "A. Vivaldi" of Alessandria, Italy.

I also lecture "Computer Music" at the Conservatory of Music “Ottorino Respighi” of Latina (Italy)

I was co-organizer of the International Electronic Music Festival “EMUFEST” at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia since the first edition at 2008 to 2013 

I’m the vice-president of the Cultural Association “CIMA” and jury-partner of the multimedia festival “DI_STANZE” for the “laptop performance” category.

From 2011 to 2015 I was the stable Sound Engineer at the Conservatory of Music “Nicola Sala” of Benevento (Italy) at the Recording Studio "Mike Mosiello". I've been lecturing "Discography and studio production”, "Analysis of the musical industry market" and "MIDI and Studio Recording" courses.

What's next?

Who knows ?!