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DashSys is the acronym of “Dash” which means to strike violently; smash; or a swift, violent blow or stroke: knocked the books to the floor with an impatient dash of his hand, together with “Sys” – the abbreviation of System –
DashSys is a synthesizer that was created as a practical approach to the Dyad System created by composer and researcher James Dashow. A dyad should be a pair of pitch-class that will be used to create complex sounds.

As a part of a big compositional project I decided to create DashSys in 2005 when

I met James Dashow several times at Rome and he explained me many aspects of his Dyad System which precisely aims to integrate the acoustical pitch structure from instruments into electronic sounds. James also gave me numerous suggestions of a lot of functions that you will find on DashSys.

DashSys does not implement new synthesis techniques but it is synthesizer which implements a practical approach of many aspects of the Dyad System that I’ve found useful to my compositional goals. It is developed on Max/MSP because I’ve found Max/MSP a musical way in order to obtain quickly results without manipulating a high level of complicated digital audio mathematics knowledge.

When DashSys has reached all the algorithms which has been not yet implemented, I will be necessary to improve the graphical user interface (UI) with a visual artist in order to give to DashSys a friendly and clear visual interface to the composer because I would like to make useful DashSys as a compositional tool for other composers also.

It is a big work which involves acoustical and math research, user interface design skills with such strong musical objectives and I think this is the most important thing to have in mind.


Clic here to download the DashSys manual  (not yet available)

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